More light

Wolfgang Johannes Albert

 translated Phil Charles Gray

People that in the shadow lives

one doesn´t see.

People that in the shadow lives

they need light!

Whoever always sits only in the dark,

brings him light

and is him of that without beliefs

shows him the way to the light!

Light is warm, shine and compassion

Light is lives, hope and love.

Give us more light

Give us more love.

* * * * *

Sweet dream 16ten

Anna Gardyas

translated Phil Charles Gray

The brightening moonlight says hello

and tomorrow will bring a grey day

trying once again to sleep

to at least dream of being with someone

It's still the night

want to see you, want to dream about you

Before the day breaks , we must part  

You come closer , parting with sad words

The summer is in the stars

while we linger in autumn's sadness

Only left with a dream

where your shadow still lingers

* * * * *

Velvet hands

Wolfgang Johannes Albert

 translated Phil Charles Gray

Who and what you are

show me your hands

your wonderful hands

You guide and woo me

you learn to love me

your soft and gentle hands

When they touch me

I can feel you

through your fine soft hands

And finally

once my life

will give me consolation

and hope

Your gifted hands

I love your hands

and all of you

* * * * *